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Finding Singing Work

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Finding Singing Work
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Finding singing work.

Once you have purchased the necessary equipment, and have enough quality backing tracks to provide approximately 2 hours entertainment (most spots are usually 2 x 45 minutes in length or 3 x 30 minutes - the extra 30 minutes of tracks are necessary for times when you may be expected to sing a few extra numbers at the end of your performance), the next step will be to find enough work to either earn a sustainable income or use as additional income. There are numerous ways to increase your booking potential - some are surprisingly inexpensive and others require a substantial amount of time and effort, for which there may be no guarantee. We shall cover the possibilities as follows :-

Entertainment agencies.

One of the most common methods for finding work is to use an entertainment agency. These can be considered similar to an employment agency. The agency will try to find work for you, for which there is usually a commission fee payable. There are many agencies to choose from, each having their own criteria. Varying commission rates are charged amongst different agencies, and also some are VAT Registered (meaning that you may be required to pay commission plus VAT). A decision to use an agency should not be based on these factors alone, but should be based on the overall package. One agency may charge a higher rate of commission than another, however if they are able to find you more work at better venues, or with venues that pay a higher fee for the artistes, then this can be beneficial.

An important point to consider is the area in which an agency operates; are the venues likely to be within a reasonable travelling distance from your location? If not it is important to consider the additional fuel expenses which may be incurred when travelling to the venue.

Contact as many agencies as you think appropriate - many do not charge for registration. Some may wish to see you perform at either an audition show or a local venue before they will offer work. This can only be deemed acceptable as the reputation of the agency is at stake - and it will be the agency that is contacted by the venue if the entertainment was unsatisfactory.


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