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Robbie Williams - "To be honest, I don't want No.1's anymore. Now, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind the odd few, but I'd also like a record going in at No.8 and staying around."

Sting - "If anyone described me as a genius I would laugh. I have my moments - I just have to join them together...If you take the praise seriously then you have to take the bricks they throw at you seriously."

Texas (Steve Washington, drummer) - "When on tour with Jason Donovan, we were half way through one of the shows (at Wembley) when I needed to go to the toilet, desperately. Luckily for me there was a song coming up with 32 bars of keyboards and visual effects. At this point, I disappeared off the stage, legged it to the toilet, and managed to return to my drum stool in time to play a 2-bar fill into the rest of the song. I was lucky; there was no way I could have held on until the end of the show."

Thin Lizzy (Phil Lynott) - "I am egotistical, that I won't deny...I do think I'm good - in fact, I know I'm good...but I know that I don't appeal to everybody."

U2 (Bono) - "Pop music tells you that everything is OK and rock music tells you that it's not, but that you can change it."

Van Morrison - "Music is spiritual. The music business is not. Being famous was extremely disappointing for me. When I became famous it was a complete drag and it is still a complete drag."

Waylon Jennings - "I've always felt that blues, rock & roll and country are just about a beat apart."

Bill Medley - "My daughter McKenna thought I sang with the Everly Brothers ... I said, 'no I was one of the Righteous Brothers' and she said 'didn't they invent the airplane?'"


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