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Steve's Trax provides professional backing tracks for singers, guitar vocalists, duos and bands throughout the UK and overseas. All our tracks have complete performance endings (we do not supply tracks with fade-outs) and are arranged in the same key and tempo as the original recordings. Our backing music is available to purchase online in MP3, CD or Minidisc format.

Lyric sheets are supplied free of charge with every purchase.

How to purchase from Steve's Trax:

1. Find your required backing track/s using the search facility to the left of this screen.

2. Listen to a demo by clicking on the backing track title.

3. Click 'add to cart' button to add the track to your shopping cart. Continue steps 1 to 3 to add additional tracks.

4. Once you're happy with your selections, click on the 'view cart/checkout' button to complete your purchase.

During the checkout stage you can select your preferred format (MP3, CD or Minidisc), and request any backing track key changes or track amendments where applicable.

Custom backing tracks (key changes): Tracks that have the single word 'demo' below the title on the demo player screen can be supplied in any key you require. Towards the end of the checkout stage you'll find a special instructions box whereby you can indicate your requirements. You can request a specific key, or request the track/s '1 key lower than demo', '3 keys higher than demo' etc. We can transpose these tracks at least 4 keys up/down from the original demo key without problem.

**Tracks indicating 'original key, no editing available' on the demo player screen : We are unable to remove instruments or existing b.v's from these tracks, but we can transpose the tracks a maximum of 2 keys up/down, if required. Backing tracks are transposed using our own in-studio equipment to ensure you get the best possible sound quality available. Please indicate your requirements in the 'special instructions' section towards the end of the checkout facility.

Custom backing tracks (instrument removal): Instruments can be removed from tracks that have the single word 'demo' below the title on the demo screen only. Please use the special instructions box during the checkout stage to request any of these amendments. We are unable to remove instruments or edit those tracks which indicate 'original key, no editing available' on the demo player screen.

Quality: We recommend listening to our backing track demo's through a good speaker/headphone system to appreciate the dynamic and professional quality of our music. You work hard to make your act successful, and we aim to make this task easier by providing you with the best quality backing tracks available.

You'll find links to a variety of excellent articles at the top of the page, covering topics such as singing tips, music gear, information regarding CD, MD and MP3 backing tracks, plus a few fun trivia pages as well.

CD /Minidisc orders - These are shipped via 1st class mail. There is a minimum purchase quantity of 3 backing tracks for orders supplied on CD or MiniDisc.

MP3 orders - MP3 backing tracks are forwarded directly to your email address.


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